How We Do It

An innovative combination of style, comfort and technology comes together to give you figure-flattering shape the moment you put on our anti-cellulite shapewear. And that’s just the beginning.

The unique, cooling fabric gently massages your skin to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, improve muscle and skin tone, and deliver an overall slimming effect. Perhaps best of all, our shapewear is clinically tested to help reduce cellulite and inches over time.

What sets us apart is our flagship product, Mass & Slim (short for Massage and Slimming). Our shapewear features exclusive Tourmaline® beads (tiny beads inside the fabric) that create a massaging effect to improve your circulation. Say hello to revitalizing comfort with Mass & Slim.

Anti-Cellulite Shapewear

It’s made of a breathable, cooling fabric, called Viscose Bamboo, and it contains hundreds of tiny ceramic  beads (Tourmaline® beads). These beads create a massaging effect, improving blood and lymph flow. So, with Mass & Slim, we not only see an improved figure, but also a Reduction of Cellulite & Inches in targeted areas overtime. Hence the name Mass, which is short for, massage, and Slim, for the overall slimming effect.

Most Common Feedback

It is extremely comfortable to wear on a daily basis - they’re lightweight, breathable & pleasantly snug, providing an improved silhouette.

So comfortable, I can sleep in them.


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