How We Do It

Our innovative shapewear is discreet, comfortable, and cooling. Clinically proven to visibly reduce inches and cellulite within 30 days (Hip: up to -3.2cm & Thighs: up to -2.3cm). Boosts blood and lymph circulation, alleviating conditions like lymphedema and (RLS). A more effective and comfortable alternative to compression garments. We have thousands of testimonials to back it up.

Tourmaline® beads embedded in the fabric provide a micro-massage effect to stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow. The fabric is made with viscous bamboo for ultimate comfort and breathability.

Mass & Slim anti-cellulite shapewear (short for Massage and Slimming) has a lifting and shaping effect. As soon as you put it on, you will see an enhanced figure. High-waisted to cover the stomach area and available in shorts, leggings, and waist shaper.

Anti-Cellulite Shapewear

It’s made of a breathable, cooling fabric, called Viscose Bamboo, and it contains hundreds of tiny ceramic  beads (Tourmaline® beads). These beads create a massaging effect, improving blood and lymph flow. So, with Mass & Slim, we not only see an improved figure, but also a Reduction of Cellulite & Inches in targeted areas overtime. Hence the name Mass, which is short for, massage, and Slim, for the overall slimming effect.

Most Common Feedback

It is extremely comfortable to wear on a daily basis - they’re lightweight, breathable & pleasantly snug, providing an improved silhouette.

So comfortable, I can sleep in them.


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