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Why Choose TheBlackPurple

Why Choose TheBlackPurple?

Slip a pair on and immediately look slimmer with our signature shapewear.

Lose inches and cellulite with regular wear.

You deserve it!


Say goodbye to suffocating undergarments of the past! TheBlackPurple Shapewear is made of a special fabric composed of natural viscous bamboo for a breathable all-day comfort.



Our compression technology is developed to increase the oxygen delivery to your active muscles and reduce the build up of lactic acid. Wearing them helps improve mobility and deter muscle fatigue.


Our revolutionary Tourmaline® beads (ceramic beads) give you a micro massage to improve blood and lymph flow to help you lose the inches and fight cellulite every time you put them on.


There’s no need for tugging and readjusting your undergarments! Our high waist, fitted designs stay put all day long but are still easy to pull on and off.


Experience an instant slimming effect from the compression and with wearing consistently for 8 hours over 30 days, users notice a visible loss of inches at the waist and thighs.


In a neutral grey colour, easily wear them under your scrubs everyday for discreet comfort. Even works under workout clothes or formal dresses.

TheBlackPurple was created with one goal in mind: to help women feel confident

We’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality shapewear for women that helps them feel sexy and supported. Every product we create is meticulously inspected and tested at all levels of production to bring you the best results that will leave you feeling great.

The health industry is worth billions of dollars with enough diet plans, workout regimes, and treatments to last us to the next millennia. It was in 2014 that we realized that women around the world were spending a large portion of their hard-earned income just to maintain their confidence. This is what has fueled the weight-loss industry to be worth $66.3 billion, selling everything from meal plans, to diet pills, to fancy gym memberships.

In response to this, TheBlackPurple wanted to provide a solution that was non-invasive, cost-effective, and laboratory tested, all while staying true to our overarching vision of empowering women and helping them feel confident. That’s how our Lanaform shapewear product line was born. High-quality compression shapewear that was comfortable to wear while producing visible results for users.

In a 30-day clinical trial carried out by a third-party among 30 participants aged between 18 and 55 years old, users saw the following results.

Users who used our Mass & Slim Shorts saw...
  • Up to 3.2cm reduction in hip circumference
  • Up to 2.3cm reduction around thighs
Users who used our Mass & Slim Belt saw...
  • Up to 4.5cm reduction in waist circumference
  • Up to 3.5cm reduction in hip circumference
Users who used our Mass & Slim Leggings saw...
  • Up to 3.2cm reduction in hip circumference
  • Up to 2.3cm reduction around thighs

The fabric used for our products is recognized internationally and draws its’ reputation from the most recognized associations in the health and fitness industry. With an extensive range of products, TheBlackPurple is continually developing new products at the cutting edge of medical technology. The technology behind our fabric carries with it 35 years of industry experience and is among the European leaders for Personal Home Health Care Products.

Today, TheBlackPurple offers 3 high-end shapewear products, all with raving positive reviews from our loyal customers. We’re committed to providing affordable shapewear to all women who want to feel sexy and confident.

It's not about how you look,

it's about how you FEEL about the way you look

Experience an instantly slimmer look as soon as you put them on. Lose inches, improve the shape of your tummy, thighs, hips and bottom, and have healthier looking skin with our Anti-Cellulite Slimming Shapewear. The revolutionary fabric, containing tiny Tourmaline® (ceramic) beads, creates a massaging effect that improves blood and lymph flow - helping to reduce cellulite and lose inches. For best results, the garment must be worn for 8 hrs a day for 28 days.

The benefits of compression wear:

  • Improving Circulation (Blood and Lymph flow)
  • Reducing Lymphedema
  • Post Plastic Surgery
  • Cellulite Reduction  
  • Reducing Inches
  • Reducing & preventing swollen legs
  • Postpartum support wear
  • Helping with Restless Legs

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