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3 Customized Ways to Reduce Cellulite According to Your Body

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on

In the midst of all the hype, magic cures, lotions that melt away cellulite and whatever other empty promises are being made, we promise that the methods listed below to help reduce the appearance of cellulite will be customized for each person who reads this post.

Bet you’ve never read another “reduce cellulite” post with that claim before!

So let’s get to the tips. 

Use These Tips for Your Very Own Personalized Approach to Cellulite Reduction

Like anything else, the effort you make will be reflected in the results you get.

  1. Increase Your Physical Activity - Wait. What? How is that personalized to you?! But hear us out. First, don’t follow any specific exercise program, especially those that make claims like “blast your belly fat”. Of course, increased activity burns more calories, which can reduce the fat deposits under your skin that form your cellulite.

    But few of us like sticking to most exercise programs because, sure enough, one or more of the exercises or activities will be difficult for us to do - or we might just not like doing them.

    Instead, create your own exercise program. Find exercises that you’re comfortable with. Put a few of them into your personal program, and you’ll be more likely to stick to a routine.

  2. Eat a Healthier Diet - You’re catching on to what we’re doing here, right?! It's always tough to give up all the delicious foods that are bad for us.

    So don’t. Start with just one, and find a healthy substitute that you love almost as much. Have you ever tried carrots and hummus? Bet you can’t eat just one!

    If you substituted your TV-time snack of 200 grams of potato chips for 200 grams of carrots and hummus, you will reduce your calorie intake by 800 calories! (200 grams of chips = 1,072 calories) (200 grams of hummus and carrots = 207 calories - and not to mention all the great vitamins and minerals!). Find something healthy that you like to eat and start eating better from there.
  3. Be Good to Yourself - Yes, do it. You deserve it. Just start being kinder to yourself in some small way. Treat yourself to anti-cellulite shapewear, like Mass & Slim Shapewear Leggings, that give you flattering shape every time you put them on.

    Celebrate every single win. Lost a pound today? Fabulous!

    Or try this, if you hear the negative talk starting up in your head, especially about your body, become more mindful of it and ask yourself, “would I talk to anyone else that way?”. Let the answer be your guide to how you talk to yourself. More self-respect will help you focus and have a more realistic attitude about your cellulite, and how to reduce it.

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