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3 Key Benefits to Eating Hummus

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on
If you’re trying to manage your weight as a way to reduce cellulite and generally live a healthier lifestyle, you probably have more than one problem. First, you need to work hard to keep the pounds off. But you have to do it in the face of the simple fact that … you LOVE food! And when you combine that love of eating with the often unconscious and/or emotional eating that can happen when you snack, the battle against how much you eat becomes even greater. But, if you were to find a way, like ‘miracle’ snacks, that were available in lots of different varieties, offering lots of different flavors and sensations, then you’d be eating healthier food and have part of the problem licked.

Hummus to the Rescue!

The problem with most ‘healthy’ snack foods is that they are way too boring. No blast of flavour, or salt, or sugar. Think edamame beans: not exactly a flavor sensation … unless they’re covered in salt. But not hummus. While hummus’ basic ingredient, chick peas (also known as garbanzo beans) might not be what anyone would call ‘tasty’, when you puree them, they become the base for a variety of ingredients and tasty flavors. Even the ingredients of a basic hummus recipe reads like a roster of taste superstars:

• Chick peas • Tahini • Garlic • Olive oil • Lemon juice • Paprika • Coriander

And after that, what you add to your hummus recipe is up to your imagination. Other hummus recipes from around the web feature tamari, red peppers, greek yogurt, peanut butter, cilantro, chili peppers, artichokes and tomatoes, among other ingredients.

They all come together in a snack food that offers three key benefits:

1. It’s Good For You

Hummus is high in nutrition and offers 50% of the recommended daily intake of hunger-busting fiber, and 29% of your protein, in a single cup.

2. It’s Versatile

Not only can you change hummus recipes on a whim, you can eat it in any number of ways, including as a spread, dip and as a stuffing for your bell peppers.

3. It’s Full of Flavor

Because you make it to your own tastes, with ingredients that are fresh, you get flavours that are simply not possible from a bag of chips.

There is one downside to hummus that’s the same with all the foods you eat, regardless of how healthy or delicious they are. If you overeat, it becomes infinitely more difficult, or even impossible, to lose the fat that’s causing your cellulite.

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