4 Tips to Reduce Cellulite that Take Little Time and Effort

4 Tips to Reduce Cellulite that Take Little Time and Effort - TheBlackPurple
We hate to admit it, but while we would really prefer to lose weight and reduce our cellulite, when it comes to making some of the drastic changes to help them happen, well, no thanks. We’ll just figure it isn’t meant to be. But what if you could make relatively easy changes that, while they may not make anything disappear or bring about any remarkable change, they’ll be doable and make you healthier, no matter what happens? Try some or all of the following ways to help you reduce your cellulite. They will help and the worst that can happen is you end up eating a healthier diet.

1. Have Protein for Breakfast

Give yourself a filling protein boost in the morning to help reduce how much you eat later in the day. Get an even bigger boost by choosing plant-based proteins, like beans, grains and legumes that pack a lot of fibre too. Yes, they’re for breakfast too.

2. Cut the Booze

We’re not talking about going on the wagon, but try things like choosing lower alcohol options and/or drinking water between cocktails.

3. Make a Snack Swap

If you haven’t tried baby carrots and hummus, you don’t know what you’re missing – It’s delicious and it feels SO healthy! Bad snacking is a major cause of weight gain, especially when linked to emotional eating. Try substituting fruits, nuts or vegetables for at least one unhealthy snack.

4. Drink Water & Low-Sodium Vegetable Juice

If that sounds boring, you’ve haven’t been really trying. With a regular Coke sporting 10 teaspoons of sugar in a can, sugary drinks are yet another major contributor to extra weight – and poor health. If water is too tasteless for your taste, throw in some lemon or lime slices and/or try a sparkling variety. The best vegetable juice is low salt/sodium, and freshly made by you at home.

Again, you’re not going to lose 10 pounds or make your cellulite disappear in a week with any or all of these tips, but they will help reduce cellulite, they are easy to do, and they are fun too.


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