3 Benefits of Compression During Pregnancy

here are some benefits of compression during pregnancy

You’re carrying a lot of added weight. You’re going through something you’ve never experienced before and you’re “eating for two”. You need all the support you can get. And getting the physical support you need throughout the day is the main benefit of compression during pregnancy.

The Benefits of Compression Wear During Pregnancy

Compression wear can provide “emotional” support too. Expectant women can get down simply because of the added difficulty of doing just about anything, and the pain that can result. Here’s how compression wear, including graduated compression socks, sleeves and shapewear, can help you get through the day and feel better about it.

  1. Help for Your Legs - Considering they are carrying all that extra weight, your legs are under increased pressure. That can affect blood circulation, cause blood clots, and trigger venous conditions like spider veins and varicose veins during pregnancy. Not to mention the leg pain that can go with them. But by wearing compression stockings and/or compression socks, you can increase blood volume to affected areas, improve blood flow and prevent blood clots and issues with your venous system.

  2. Reduce Pelvic and Back Pain - Your legs aren't the only thing under pressure. Your back must stabilize the extra weight whether you are sitting or standing. And your pelvis has to support it all. But shapewear, including Mass & Slim Secret Shapewear Shorts, can take some of the workload from your back and pelvis and reduce the pain.

  3. Supportive Compression - Shapewear also helps keep everything in place. It supports your baby bump throughout the day to minimize the discomfort you feel from movement and physical activity. 

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