Why is Every Celebrity Talking About Waist Trainers?

Why celebrities are talking about waist trainers

This won’t be the first time we mention Kim Kardashian in one of our blog posts. As a beauty and style icon, lots of us look to her for ideas and trends to look our best.

 So when we noticed Kim promoting waist trainers, on her Instagram account and elsewhere, it caught our attention. And when we took a closer look, we found lots of celebrities who use and promote waist trainers

So what gives; why are so many celebrities suddenly into waist trainers?

The Pros & Cons of Waist Trainers 

First, there’s nothing ‘sudden’ about waist trainers. We’ve all seen those old movies where the lady of the house needs the help of a maid or two to strap herself into a corset.

Today’s celebrities use waist trainers for many of the same reasons as wealthy women did 500 years ago, and a few more.

  • They help to give you that much-desired ‘hourglass’ body shape
  • They can, over time, reduce your waist size
  • They can help lower your weight by making it difficult to eat bigger meals
  • They can help improve your posture while you wear them

Unfortunately, unless you choose the right waist trainers, you can also face a few drawbacks to using them. 

  • Discomfort because of how tight the trainer needs to be to get any benefit
  • Problems can include bruising, breathing issues and acid reflux
  • Your core muscles can become weaker
  • Difficulty in simply moving around

What to Look for in a Waist Trainer

If you find the right trainer, you can enjoy all the benefits and more, without the drawbacks. First, your waist trainer should be able to be worn comfortably all day. Second, it shouldn’t cause any problems like those listed above. Third, it should work to reduce your waist size while you go about your regular daily activities.

The Mass & Slim Waist Shaper instantly adds well-proportioned body shape as soon as you put it on. As you wear it comfortably throughout the day, the Waist Shaper’s Tourmaline® beads gently massage your skin to not only reduce the appearance of cellulite, but they are laboratory-proven to reduce your waist & hip circumference.

Wait until all those celebrities hear about this! 


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