30-day Clinical Shapewear Study

 A 30-day clinical shapewear study was conducted to ensure that our line achieves optimal results. See how it’s all designed to make you feel & look amazing.

TheBlackPurple was created with one goal in mind: to help women feel confident.

We are committed to providing high-quality shapewear for women through all walks of life, helping them feel balanced and supported, on their own terms. Every product we create is meticulously inspected and tested at all levels of production to bring you the best results that will leave you feeling great, no matter where you go.

Why Choose TheBlackPurple?

There is isn’t a booming industry quite like the health industry.  With countless diet plans, supplements, and workout regimens, we sought to make a positive impact.  Creating a solution that was non-invasive and cost-effective, we spent resources on careful laboratory testing to ensure that our shapewear would finally achieve the results women were looking for. 

That’s how our Lanaform shapewear product line was born. High-quality compression shapewear with next-level comfort, empowering women with the support they need to get through the day.

Our 30-day Clinical Shapewear Study

We stand by our compression shapewear. Which is why we put them to the test to ensure that they garner the results our customers are looking for.   Enlisting the thorough research of Farcoderm, an independent laboratory testing facility within Europe, we put our Mass & Slim Shapewear line to the test. 

In a 30-day clinical trial carried out by a third-party among 30 participants aged between 18 and 55 years old, users saw the following results when wearing our shapewear:

Users who used our Mass & Slim Shapewear Shorts saw:

  • Up to 3.2cm reduction in hip circumference
  • Up to 2.3cm reduction around thighs

Users who used our Mass & Slim Waist Shaper saw:

  • Up to 4.5cm reduction in waist circumference
  • Up to 3.5cm reduction in hip circumference

Users who used our Mass & Slim Shapewear Leggings saw:

  • Up to 3.2cm reduction in hip circumference
  • Up to 2.3cm reduction around thighs

The innovation behind our compression shapewear was designed to give women complete confidence while working behind the scenes to provide slimming, toning, and re-shaping effects so they can run through their days like a breeze. 

At TheBlackPurple, we’re committed to providing affordable shapewear to all women who want to feel amazing and love the skin they’re in.

Read the entire Clinical Shapewear Study on our Mass & Slim Shapewear Line here.


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