The Benefits of Compression Leggings For Lymphedema

compression tights and leggings can help treat Lymphedema

Symptoms of lymphedema can range from mild to severe. Any prolonged swelling in affected areas, usually the arms or legs may be signs of lymphedema. Other symptoms can include a heavy and/or tight feeling, reduced range of motion, pain or discomfort, chronic infections and, perhaps most seriously, lymphangiosarcoma, which is a rare form of cancer that can result from severe, untreated lymphedema.

The areas affected by lymphedema can add to the symptoms you suffer. For example, lymphedema in one of both of your legs can make it difficult to walk or even get out of a chair.

How Compression Leggings Treat Lymphedema Symptoms 

Compression leggings, including Mass & Slim’s Active Slim Sports Leggings, are a recognized way to treat many symptoms of lymphedema.

  1. Reduce Swelling - Damage to your lymph nodes or lymph vessels, often a result of cancer surgery or radiation, is a primary cause of lymphedema. The damage restricts or blocks the flow of lymph fluids. They build up in the affected area(s) and produce the swelling. Compression leggings can help stop additional fluids from contributing to the swelling and contribute to conditions that can reduce existing swelling.

  2. Provide Extended Treatment - Many medical-grade compression garments exert levels of compression that can reduce physical activity. They are often not able to be worn all day. But compression leggings, with milder levels of compression, can offer relief throughout the day, including whenever medical-grade garments are too restrictive or uncomfortable.

  3. Offer Support - Many of Lymphedema’s symptoms, including the heavy feeling, aching and discomfort, are exacerbated by the weight of the fluid. In addition to lowering the build-up, compression leggings support the leg to better manage the added weight.
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