Cutting Through the ‘Fake News’ About Cellulite

Cutting Through the ‘Fake News’ About Cellulite - TheBlackPurple
You would think that members of the main-stream news media would try harder to produce quality content in the face of claims by President Trump that they offer ‘fake news’. Instead, it seems like many in the media are rushing to prove the President right. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to eat healthier meals and manage your cellulite, you continue to be the target of some of the most ‘fake’ news out there. Regular readers of The Black Purple blog will know that we’ve busted more than a few cellulite headlines. But many of those were from blogs and websites simply looking to take advantage of our yearning for a ‘quick fix’ to the ‘embarrassment’ of cellulite. But even leading media outlets, like the Huffington Post, can be guilty of writing articles that would make a Trump fact-checker blush.

Here are a few ways that the writer of “Cellulite: 5 Facts and Fictions About Treating Dimpled Skin” weaves a false narrative throughout the article:

1. “Exercise Gets Rid of Cellulite: FALSE”

When you read this first point, you’d think that exercise does nothing to reduce cellulite. In fact, by burning calories of energy and reducing the fat that holds them, exercise does get rid of cellulite. The writer even admits as much later in her explanation – but that doesn’t stop her from creating a fake heading.

2. “Cutting calories is the only way to get rid of cellulite: FALSE”

Again, reading this point and the explanation that follows would lead the reader to think that healthily reducing calorie intake wouldn’t help reduce fat deposits and the cellulite they cause, which is, of course: TRUE!

3. “The Mediterranean Diet is the most effective: True”

This is perhaps the worst ‘false news’ offense in the article. Just like nothing will absolutely ‘eliminate’ or ‘get rid’ of your cellulite, no single cellulite fighter is ‘most effective’ for everyone. The basics of the diet that help you manage your weight, including more whole, plant-based foods, healthy fats and less salt, can be eaten without needing to adopt a Mediterranean diet. And nothing, no single diet, exercise plan or pill, or any combination of them, is the ‘best weapon of mass destruction in the fight against lumpy deposits’ as the article claims.

Here’s the Truth:

The best way for you to manage cellulite is through a combination of factors that is unique to you. It can include diet, exercise and physical and mental therapies, among others. Keep searching for the answers that work best for you and, in the meantime, beware of all the ‘fake news’.


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