How Radio Signals and Magnets Combine to Blast Cellulite

How Radio Signals and Magnets Combine to Blast Cellulite - TheBlackPurple
It’s really an unfortunate phenomenon. As if it isn’t enough that overweight people are often made to feel bad about themselves from the constant bombardment of images of skinny people in the media, but there’s ongoing evidence that overweight people can face discrimination in the workplace. And none of that includes the unsolicited comments and unfeeling jokes. What Can You Do? You eat healthily. You’re otherwise in good shape. And, quite frankly, you don’t feel you need to burden yourself with starvation diets and expensive gym memberships to fit the image other people have of what’s “normal”. Yet, as much as you try to ignore the comments and carry on “in your own skin”, there are times when you can’t help but wonder what it would be like f you didn’t have quite as much weight. What if there were ways to improve your body shape and/or the look of your skin – like reducing unsightly cellulite – without going over the top with calorie cutting and exhausting workouts. Well, here’s two:

Octopolar Radio Frequency Technology (ORFT) – First, let’s unpack the name for you: octopolar refers to 8 electrodes, or prongs used on the device. Radio Frequency refers to the radio waves passed through each electrode to generate heat. Commercially available as the Venus Freeze system, the device uses Pulsed Magnetic Resonance to minimize heat in the electrodes and distribute the heat more evenly. In a nutshell, the device is used directly on the skin to generate deep-penetrating heat. That heat increases the amount of oxygen, nutrients and blood under the skin. Production of the hormone collagen is also stimulated. Collagen improves skin tightness and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. The ORFT has also been shown to produce noticeable reductions in thigh circumference.

Shapewear – Advances in shapewear technology have resulted in a product that doesn’t just enhance your shape. In fact, independent studies prove that the latest shapewear advancements actually promote weight loss and cellulite reduction.

If extra weight has been a problem all your life, you know there is no easy solution. It’s not like any of the options above will drastically change your body or your life. But if you want to simply feel a little slimmer, these are great, easy, non-invasive ways to do so.


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