How Shapewear Offers Nurses Compression Support

Nurse compression with the help of shapewear | The Black Purple

For nurses, compression support delivers two main benefits. One they learn about in nursing school, the other they learn about after trying to find ways to relieve the physical stresses of 12-hour shifts.

In the classroom, nurses study the benefits of compression hose and socks for patients with conditions like peripheral neuropathy and for post-operative patients. Compression wear promotes circulation and prevents dangerous blood clots.

While they learn that first benefit before they even become a nurse, it can take much longer for nurses to realize the benefit they themselves can get from compression wear and products like it, including shapewear.

The Mental & Physical Stresses of Nursing

If you’ve ever had a ‘rough day at the office’, try doing a 12-hour shift as a nurse. In addition to the human issues and emotional strains and stresses, the bulk of a nursing shift is spent on your feet, standing, walking, lifting, bending and sometimes running to meet an emergency.

It results in nurses often spending their shifts battling discomfort and pain in their leg and abdominal muscles and joints.

How Shapewear can Help

With an inherent understanding of how compression wear can relieve many of their patients’ symptoms, nurses can also appreciate the benefits of shapewear to relieve their aches and pains.

Improved Blood & Lymph Circulation

Shapewear, like Mass & Slim leggings, are infused with hundreds of ceramic beads. The beads deliver a massaging effect as you move to boost blood and lymph circulation and help minimize soreness and swelling throughout the day.

All-Day Comfort

Made of a lightweight, breathable fabric, Mass & Slim leggings can be worn comfortably under your scrubs.

Support & Shape

Working like compression wear, Mass & Slim leggings offer support for muscles and joints in your abdomen, upper legs and ankles. And they deliver the added benefit of creating a flattering shape from the moment you put them on, in addition to helping reduce the appearance of cellulite.
See for yourself. Many nurses have already discovered how Mass & Slim shapewear can help them get through a shift in more comfort. Please visit The Black Purple website to learn more.


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