How to Fight Cellulite from Within

How to Fight Cellulite from Within - TheBlackPurple

Thinking that, because it appears on your skin, you should try to tackle cellulite where you see it is probably the biggest mistake you can make in trying to reduce it. And just about all of us make that same mistake. It’s why you see so many ‘cellulite-busting’ creams, brushes and scrubs.

But, although it appears on the outside, having healthier skin, and improving the appearance of your cellulite really starts from inside you.

It might seem a little ‘inside out’, but here are some of the best ways to start fighting you cellulite from within.

1. Win The Mental Game

If there’s anything that trips up a good plan, in just about any aspect of your life, it’s the wrong mental approach. Managing your weight is a good way to manage your cellulite. But if you hinge the success of your weight loss on the numbers on your weigh scale, or on reaching a certain weight in a certain time, both can set you up for failure.

Instead, try to set yourself up for success to win the mental game. Start transforming your thinking from ‘numbers’ and more towards a healthier lifestyle. Set reasonable, attainable goals and celebrate every success. The successes you enjoy from a new mental approach will give you the confidence and motivation to set, and reach, the bigger goals later.

2. Get Physical

We don’t mean join a gym and pump iron (unless that works for you!). Again, a drastic change or unreasonable expectations don’t usually end successfully. Instead, think about nourishing your body, take care of it the best you can, and add as much activity to your day as you’re comfortable with. Work on what’s healthiest for your body and don’t blindly jump into trying to change it.

3. Be Emotionally Invested

Overeating or eating unhealthy foods is often the result of emotional stimuli. From media images to the reflection in the mirror, they can all trigger negative emotions that can lead to cellulite-friendly behaviors. Try to identify the triggers and do something about them. If you reach for the chips every time you see a bikini body on Instagram, stop following that account. If the mirror image gets you down, do something immediately to improve it, like wearing slimming shapewear that adds shape and definition as soon as you put it on.

As always, there’s no one way to diminish the look of cellulite. It’s the result of a combination of approaches that are unique to you. But, by starting your efforts from within, you’re more likely to find the right approaches later on.


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