How We Are Using Technology to Fight Cellulite

How We Are Using Technology to Fight Cellulite - TheBlackPurple
From TV’s Food Network and food apps on your smartphone, to food blogs and “how to” cooking videos on the web, today’s technology makes food more present throughout your day. Using data from their own survey in cooperation with Ipsos, Google recently released data that North American's now use technology in many stages of their interaction with food. According to the survey, the following are the percentages of North American's who say they use their smartphone to help them decide:
  • 55% - where to eat
  • 37% - what to eat
  • 12% - who to eat with
Technology’s influence on our food habits is not insignificant, and it’s increasing as we speak. It’s also changing our relationship with food as we use it to show the world our own food habits. The survey noted the following trends over just one year:
  • +64% - increase in mobile search interest for “takeout and delivery”
  • +38% - increase is search interest in “recipes”
  • 28% now regularly or occasionally take photos of their food
Fortunately, American's are also using technology to help them eat better. We all know that cooking at home is one of the best ways to eat healthier foods, control portions and reduce calorie intake. The average American household has six cookbooks, but anyone with a smartphone has access to any recipe, cooking tip or ”how to” advice on the internet.
  • 47% osay they regularly or occasionally prepare food by following a recipe on a website or app
  • 30% who use smartphones for food or drink ideas say that it is their main cookbook
  • 51% who regularly or sometimes watch food/drink videos on YouTube say that they look for “How Tos”, tips or hacks
Whether or not technology is actually changing our food behavior and relationship, there’s no denying that its influence is getting stronger. In just the last year, behavior patterns have shifted significantly towards increased mindfulness about what we eat and its health and nutritional value. That trend can only help us in the ongoing battles against extra cellulite and its symptoms.
  • 58% say that they are more mindful about cooking at home than they were a year ago
  • 59% say they are more mindful of the nutritional value of the food they eat versus a year ago
  • 78% look for health and nutritional information on food packaging
We are all looking for ways to eat healthier, and/or lose weight, and/or get rid of cellulite. It makes sense to put every weapon at your disposal, including your mobile device and computer, to work for you.


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