Why Compression Shapewear is Ideal for Reducing Inches

Why Compression Shapewear is Ideal for Reducing Inches - TheBlackPurple

“If only I could lose a couple of inches”. It's not like you’re asking for much. You’ve tried everything, but your body seems to want to stay just how it is. Still, you wouldn’t mind just once putting on your cocktail dress, or a pair of shorts, without thinking “if only I could lose a couple of inches!” 


Why It's Difficult to Burn Fat & Reduce Inches 

There are some unfortunate truths about everyone’s weight loss efforts. You might have tried it all, fad diets, aerobic exercises and strength training, and still couldn’t get the tape measure to budge. 

Just being a woman is the first fact that’s working against you. Women generally store more fat than men, and they tend to store a higher percentage of that fat in the gluteal femoral region (in simpler terms, the buttocks and upper thighs) than men. The second issue around reducing your body weight is that your body likes to keep things the way they are. It's called homeostasis and it means your body actually works against your efforts at losing fat.

How Compression Shapewear Helps in Losing Inches

In addition to instantly improving your figure due to their shaping effect, compression shapewear, like Mass & Slim’s Active Slim Compression Leggings, is infused with thousands of tiny ceramic beads that help to promote fat loss.

The ceramic beads produce a gentle massaging effect, targeted to your buttocks and thighs, as you move throughout the day. The beads absorb the heat produced by the massaging effect on your body and returns it in the form of infrared radiation. The resulting increase in your skin temperature improves your blood and lymphatic circulation, which helps your body eliminate fat cells. 

Perhaps best of all, the fat-burning effect has been proven in clinical trials conducted by an independent consumer products test lab. In a 28-day study carried out on 25 women over the age of 25, who wore Mass & Slim shapewear for at least eight hours a day, the average reduction in hip circumference was 3.5 cm and the average reduction in thigh circumference was 2.8 cm.

The Results Get Even Better. In addition to reducing inches around their hips and thighs, 73% of the study’s participants reported a noticeable improvement in the appearance of cellulite on their skin in the target areas.

If you want to learn about even more benefits of compression shapewear, check out our article “4 Reasons Why You Should Wear Compression Leggings”.


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