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Maintaining Positivity

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on
No one body is perfect. Not the bodies of the magazine models, not the ones of the superstar athletes, not the ones of the commercial spokespeople, not the ones of the newscasters or the fitness gurus we see on TV. Yet on a daily basis we are trained like Pavlov’s dogs to see what appears to be perfection and in turn, almost without even realizing it, subconsciously remind ourselves that unless we attain the same perfection, we will never be good enough. Good enough for who, though? Good enough for our partner – or perhaps the partner we are trying to find; colleagues, competition and the world in general – even the strangers on the street who we might fear are silently judging us. “Good enough” to attain the dream life that includes the accolades of success in a great job, the admiration of our peers, and the love and acceptance from family and friends. Although it may seem that in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world, that appearance is more important than ever – in reality it has long been placed in the forefront of the mind of society as the key to achieving success and happiness. The portrayal of an ideal world thanks to an ideal body has existed since media was invented. So – in reminding ourselves of this fact, we must remind ourselves also that although valiant and consistent efforts to improve and maintain our outwardly appearance are admirable – they are not the “be all and end all” to our existence – and that maintaining a positive outlook and attitude about it are above-all the most important aspects of “looking good.”

Easy Ways to Stay Positive

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Rome was not built in a day. Quick-fix weight-loss plans and fad diets will never get you the long-term physical results you seek. Body changes take time, and they require a commitment of steady-paced, focused effort. Food choices need to be thought out, exercise needs to be mapped out, and most of all, both these aspects require ongoing execution in a detailed manner.

Keep It Simple

Complicating matters only complicates matters. Being well-armed with the right tools and information on how to keep your exercise and diet regime simple is paramount. Know where to find the most nutrients, and incorporate them into your regime wherever you can. Know which exercises net the most effective results – and use them.

Exercise Regularly & Eat & Sleep Well

Staying active on a regular basis will not only keep you in better shape, but the endorphin release will surely contribute to a more elevated mood and positive outlook. Any physical activity that you find entertaining will keep you both motivated and committed. Get a buddy onboard with your workout activities and see how it helps your drive and stamina.

How The Black Purple and Lanaform Products Can Help

We at believe in healthy lifestyle choices to best meet any long-term weight loss or toning goals. The Lanaform Cosmetex and Mass & Slim shapewear products are constructed to be effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite and in providing a more toned look and feel to the skin. The bio-ceramic beads and bamboo-viscose fibres have proven to be powerful ingredients in our shapewear, and our clients love it. Research studies have shown an overwhelmingly positive response to our products, and we are seeing an increase in repeat buyers. We aim to promote awareness and appreciation for the fact that human bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Our shapewear products are meant to work with all body types, they are comfortable enough to wear to work, to the gym, at home, or even while sleeping. The expandable yet snug fabric keeps you feeling confident and at ease that the shapewear is working while never being constricting or causing discomfort. We at are here to provide you with quality products and quality service – two things that will most definitely keep you on a positive track to reaching your weight loss goals – and happily keeping them.

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