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One Simple Trick that Makes it Way Easier to Eat Healthier Meals

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on
Let’s just skip all the reasoning and same old ‘how to fight cellulite’ advice. You love to eat. You love to eat a lot. And you really don’t want to change that part of your life, regardless of whether it’s ‘emotional’ eating, or you’re getting too many carbs, or your calories count is off the scale. But, no matter how well you’ve come to terms with your eating habits. and how much you’re willing to live with your body – and cellulite - as it is, you still have those moments when you wish it wasn’t so. You would love to have a meal and feel almost pride in the fact that what you ate was relatively healthy and wasn’t adding to your weight. If only there was a way to make the transformation to healthy eating without being forced to give up any of the foods you like. But that’s impossible, right? Not quite.

How to Start Eating a Healthier Diet & Keep Eating What You Like

One of the problems with ‘switching’ to a healthy diet is exactly that, you make a switch that happens as quickly as turning on a light. So who can survive something as drastic as that? Instead, plan on keep your diet much and it is and make a ‘transformation’ instead. That means you can start eating some healthier foods at your own pace, without giving up what you love. Here are three ways to start your healthy eating transformation.

1. Eat a Serving of Vegetables Before Every Meal

Yes, every meal, even breakfast. A serving is about the size of your clenched fist, so it’s not a lot of vegetables. Have them as raw as you dare. And stay away from dressings, cheese, or adding anything else to them. Then eat the stuff you really like.

2. Get 10 grams of Fibre with Each Meal

First, the vegetables have lots of fibre, so you might already be part the way there with this one. A small serving of beans, or whole grain rice, or some almonds, or bran, or any other high-fibre food, will do the trick to add more fibre to your favorite meals.

3. Have Some Non-Red-Meat Protein

Whether it’s chicken or chick peas, a small serving of healthy protein at each meal will also help you make the transformation without giving up all the foods you love.

Yes, we know this suggestion is a bit of a ‘trick’. While we tell you that you can eat the foods you like, the idea is that, by making the transformations in your diet, you’ll eventually replace much or all of your unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones. But, by doing any one of the suggestions above, you’ll be taking a huge step towards better health, weight management, and doing something about your cellulite too.

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