The 6 Best Diet Cocktails

The Black Purple lists the 6 best diet cocktails

Before we get to the “best diet cocktails” part, we really feel it’s very important to stress one point. No amount of alcohol, whether it’s in a diet cocktail or in any of its other forms, is good for losing weight and making your cellulite look better. Alcoholic drinks, including the cocktails listed below, have more calories than we think. In fact, most of the cocktails below have more calories than a can of regular Coca-Cola (139 cals).

The Best Cocktails if You’re on a Diet

Forgive us for the warnings after such a tempting title. We know it’s the holiday season, and that calls for enjoying a cocktail or two with friends and family. So, without further ado, these cocktails have fewer calories than most. (Calorie counts are for drinks with 1.5 ounces of alcohol.)

  1. Old Fashioned - 154 cal. - Even the dash of sugar that’s called for in most Old Fashioned recipes can’t keep this bourbon-based favourite off the list. Make sure you add some nutrients with fresh-squeezed lime!
  1. Gin & Tonic - 148 cal. - The perennial thirst quencher of the cocktail crowd. Clean and clear.

  2. Red Wine - 123 cal. - While a 5 oz. glass of wine has fewer calories than a can of Coke, the can of Coke is 12 oz.

  3. Vodka Soda - 96 cal. - Here’s a clue to how many calories are in alcohol. Vodka is about the lowest calorie straight alcohol there is. And there are no calories in the soda water. So those 96 calories are all in the vodka

  4. Rum & Diet Coke - 96 cal. - This diet version of the Havana Libre is as popular as cocktails get. But beware diet versions of regular soft drinks. They can trick your body into thinking it has the energy it needs. When your body finds out nothing’s there, it can overreact.
  5. Champagne! - 90 cal. - Yes! It can’t get any better than champagne being the best alcoholic beverage for a diet. But there is a caveat, a serving of champers is only 4 oz., which is less than the standard serving of red wine and mixed drinks.

Please enjoy your cocktails responsibly this holiday season. And if you want to look fabulous while enjoying them, wear a figure-flattering slimming waist shaper under your cocktail outfit.

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