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In an ideal world in 2015, we are all in agreeance that no one single tactic will help you reach all your weight loss and fitness goals – rather, it is with the correct and consistent application of a variety of techniques that best results are achieved. No amount of exercise will shed desired pounds if the health-conscious diet is not kept up. Conversely, the most meticulously-adhered-to diet does little in the way of shaping and toning the body without a regular workout routine. One of the trickiest spots to trim and tone is the waistline – but by using the right moves when you exercise, it might not be as hard as you think. Lanaform’s Mass & Slim Waist Shaper belt provides a breathable, comfortable, completely flexible firming and toning effect that can easily be worn during these exercises to help you attain your smaller waistline. It is not noticeable under clothing and in addition to giving your physique an instant slimmer look, it will help to engage your abdominal muscles during your workout.

Leg Raises

Leg raises strengthen the rectus abdominus and hip flexors, the support muscles that help keep your abs properly positioned and taut, or engaged. They can be done lying down, seated, or hanging, and each of these movements helps to tweak just a slightly different area of these abdominal zones. Since the lower abs and their support muscles can be problem areas for a lot of women, we recommend incorporating as many different variations as possible for best results. The Mass & Slim slimming belt covers the entire abdominal area and ends past the mid-hip point, which will sharpen your focus on the contraction areas as you complete this move.


Using the rowing machine on a regular basis can absolutely do you no wrong. It is considered by some as one of the most effective cardio exercises for fat-burning and toning, because it uses about 83% of your muscles. This calls into action a speedier fat-burning effect, and in turn tones your body more overall. The rower will target your core area more effectively than any other cardio machine in the gym and you will notice the difference quite quickly. This cardio exercise will specifically increase the massaging effect of the tourmaline beads in our waist shaper slimming belt. This machine is addictive!

Use The Ball

PlankThe stability or “exercise” ball is a classic tool found in all gyms and can be easily and affordably used at home in all sorts of ways to tone and trim the entire body – and specifically the waistline. It also comes in various sizes to better suit your body size and fitness goals. A well-executed, stable sideways crunch with feet firmly planted on the floor will do wonders for your obliques. Performing curl-and- squeeze or curl-and-lift movements will target the lower abs and help minimize the dreaded “pot-belly”. The Mass & Slim Belt stays firmly in place during these moves and will not roll or bunch.


Enjoying a huge surge in popularity due to social media over recent years, The Plank has become a favourite mid-section toning exercise. In a “pass-the-torch” trend-like fashion, people have been posting photos of themselves in all sorts of precarious or humourous situations in places all over the house, the neighbourhood, and even the world. A long-time favourite of Yoga and Pilates practicioners, the pose went viral in this fashion over the world-wide-web and is now a common staple of even the novice athlete or gym goer. By balancing oneself on one’s toes and hands – or forearms – in a raised, flat & supported state, the entire abdominal wall is called into action. By pulling in the abs in a constant taut manner over a period of a minute or longer – the stomach area will gradually appear firmer and smaller. The Plank can be modified and done to the side or as “lifts” to work various parts of the abs area.’ A trimmer waistline is not out of your reach. Lanaform’s Mass & Slim Belt works in tandem with your body’s movements during these ab exercises and will leave you wanting to work even harder as you feel the firming effects. Along with eating the right foods to fight cellulite, making these few essential moves a regular part of your fitness routine is sure to show substantial results in no time!


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