Why The “See Food” Diet is No Joke & How to Beat It

Why The “See Food” Diet is No Joke & How to Beat It - TheBlackPurple

You know the joke. Someone tells you that they are on a legitimate-sounding “seafood diet”. But when you ask how it works, they turn it into wordplay and tell you “when I “see” food, I eat it!”

Yuk, yuk, yuk...

Except, recent university studies show evidence that the mere sight of food, and its aroma to a lesser extent, maybe among the leading causes of overeating. In simple terms, the study found that simply seeing food made study participants want to finish it or eat as much as possible, even after they were full.

The real-life examples of the phenomenon, that you see every day, are not hard to come by. We bet you've never ordered a fast-food hamburger that looked as good as it does in advertising images.

And think about this. How much would you crave Cheesies if they came in a plain black box?

How to Stop the “See Food” Diet from Ruining Your Weight Loss 

Here are just a few ways to minimize the effect of sight food on your eating habits, and help you manage your weight, reduce the appearance of cellulite and generally enjoy a healthier diet.

  1. Eat Before You Grocery Shop - If seeing food makes you want to eat, then going to the grocery store is like being a kid in a candy shop. But scientific research shows that eating some fruit, like an apple or banana, or even drinking a glass of water, will help you buy up to 25% more healthy foods when you grocery shop.

  2. Put Your Snacks in Plain Plastic Containers -  If you just can’t beat your potato chip habit, try this to at least curb it. As soon as you bring snack foods home, put them into plastic containers and recycle their tempting packaging.

  3. Organize Your Fridge - When you leave that chocolate cake at the front of the main shelf in the fridge, what are you most likely to grab when you have a hunger pang? Instead, try to move unhealthy foods to the back of the lower shelves in the fridge and bring more vegetables to the front.

  4. Sleep - A good night’s sleep helps your body and mind rejuvenate themselves so they are better able to deal with the day-to-day stresses that can lower your willpower.

Doing everything you can to eat healthier foods and fewer calories will help you lose weight and reduce the orange-peel effect of cellulite. But if you want instant flattering shape, and treatment to improve the appearance of your cellulite, slip on a pair of Mass & Slim anti-cellulite shorts. They are comfortable enough to wear all day while delivering a circulation-boosting massaging effect while you wear them.

For more healthy eating tips, check out our article “If You Do Nothing Else - Have a Good Breakfast”.


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