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Why You Should Take a Walk

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on

If you’ve always battled your weight, or if you just can’t come to terms with your cellulite, you may be surprised to learn that you’ve been doing one of the best things to reduce them since you were a toddler. You just haven’t done enough of it to make a difference.

It seems like almost every day there’s a new study or research results that show the benefits of walking. And we’re not talking about any small benefits either. In fact, it's arguable that walking is better for your overall health than running when you factor in things like injuries, accessibility and burnout.

3 Reasons to Choose Walking

First, you should always consult your doctor before beginning any extra activities for the first time.

We mentioned that you might not be walking enough to make a difference. We are all different and we all get different results. While any amount of added walking or other activity will have benefits, you’ll experience more benefits of walking if you can walk briskly for half an hour, five days a week.

But, even if you can’t walk briskly for 5 minutes, you should still start. Here’s why:

  1. Increase Your Chances of Success - Everyone can walk. But not everyonecan run very far, master a rowing machine or maintain a regular schedule at the gym. One of the reasons that walking produces similar results as more strenuous exercise is there are no barriers to success. You just stand up and put one foot in front of the other. Then repeat.

  2. Wide-Ranging Benefits - We mentioned similar benefits as other forms of exercise and they include improved heart health; lower stress levels; better sleep; stronger, less painful joints; increased circulation; nicer muscle tone; easier weight management; the reduced appearance of cellulite; and higher self-esteem. 

  3. No Special Equipment Needed - Want to start rigging a bike? First, you need a bike. When you look at the many forms of exercise, like swimming, bike riding, rollerblading, etc., walking requires the least amount of equipment.

If you’ve always struggled with weight, cellulite and/or fitness, you owe it to yourself to try regular walking. And if you want to amplify many of the benefits you get from walking, including better circulation and improved skin tone, take a walk in the comfort and support of compression shapewear.  

To learn more about making your cellulite look better, check out our article “5 Tips To Help Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite”.

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