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Secret Slim Compression Shorts

Best Seller!

Secret Slim Compression Shorts

Best Seller!


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Receive an additional $5.00 off every product when you buy 2 or more.

The Firming & Anti Cellulite Secret Slim Compression Shorts

Your new favourite secret. Discreetly tucked away under your best-fitting jeans, our Secret Slim compression shorts give your hips and thighs the gentle 360 hug it needs to tone, shape, and elevate your lower body. A snug fit for everyday wear while giving you all the slimming benefits to boost your confidence in anything you wear, to all the places you’ll go!

  • Specially designed with innovative Smart Fabric that’s both comfortable and highly effective, our breathable compression shorts were made to move with you.
  • Seamless snug compression for an overall firming of the hips and thighs
  • Activate an anti-cellulite firming effect while you move. Walk, dance, or run errands and let it do all the work for you! 
  • Say good-bye to inner thigh rub, sweat and chafing, so you feel cozy in your summer dress no matter what the temperature is!

The Technology Behind Secret Slim Compression Shorts

With the combination of; seaweed-based 3D ceramic fiber and cosmetic qualities of microcapsules, Secret Slim Compression Shorts help to reduce inches around the stomach and hips, ensuring an anti-cellulite effect. 

The active cosmetic ingredient (microcapsules) is released directly by the movement of the body while the ceramic fiber helps to reduce fatty cells. Paired with bio-ceramic crystals all encompassed in a unique 3D knit fabric, our compression shorts give you a micro-massage effect improving blood and lymphatic circulation on the targeted areas over time, resulting in reduced cellulite and improved elasticity.

Feel TheBlackPurple difference.


  • S (4/6)
  • M (8/10)
  • L (12/14)
  • XL (16)

Material Composition

  • 60% polyester
  • 31% polyamide
  • 9% elastane

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable

Sizing Chart

EU Size US Size Secret Slim 
36 4 S
38 6 S
38 8 M
40 10 M
40 12 L
42 14 L
42 16 XL
44 16 XL
  • Fit; snug feeling 
  • For ease of wear, and to accommodate different body types/shapes, the fabric has elasticity


Thousands of women love our shapewear!


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Receive an additional $5.00 off every product when you buy 2 or more. Discount applied at checkout.

The new Secret Slim Compression Shorts for women from TheBlackPurple.