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"I'd been looking for a pair like this for a long time for the gym. The compression on these is very effective, and really works to reduce stubborn cellulite. Even just wearing them at home all day I have noticed a considerable difference in the texture of my thighs. They wash really well and don't shrink. I highly recommend these. On top of that the customer service is top notch! I had an issue with the 1st pair and it was replaced immediately!" - Jude Birnbaum

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"I am so super excited to try TheBlackPurple! I have read amazing reviews and have been looking for a good compression pant to help with circulation and lymph! "- Aubrey V


Active Slim Leggings: Your Secret to a Sculpted Figure

Quick and Natural Cellulite Reduction While You Exercise 

Instant Sculpting for a Confident Workout!

Feel confident and look slimmer with our wide- and high-waisted Active Slim Leggings. Designed with a shaping effect, these leggings refine your figure and provide support during your workout.

  • 75% of users noticed a flatter stomach and a slimmer figure.

Firm Skin and Reduced Soreness

Experience complete freedom of movement and unmatched comfort with our stretch, knitted fabric. These leggings feel like a second skin, allowing you to move effortlessly.

  • 90% of users reported a ‘second skin’ effect and ultimate comfort.

Tone Muscles and Boost Recovery

Our leggings feature bio-ceramic fiber and light compression to tone your muscles and enhance recovery after exercise. Reduce muscle fatigue and enjoy firmer skin.

Say Goodbye to Cellulite

The bio-ceramic fiber combined with the relief structure helps eliminate fat cells and reduce cellulite, especially during workouts.

  • 70% of users saw a reduction in orange peel skin and cellulite.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Bio-ceramic crystals boost blood circulation, helping to eliminate the orange peel effect on the skin. The 3D honeycomb structure mimics a palpation-rolling massage, targeting hips, thighs, and stomach for softer, more elastic skin.

  • 75% of users found their skin softer, more elastic, and firmer.

Study conducted over 28 days with 20 women aged 18 to 55, performing 3 weekly workouts of at least 1 hour.

Active Slim

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