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3 Different Styles of Shapewear & When to Wear Them

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on

We trust you’re already aware of the benefits of Mass & Slim anti-cellulite shapewear, including improved blood and lymph circulation, a clinically-proven reduction in the appearance of cellulite and simple all-day comfort.

But, considering the different styles of shapewear, what are the best times and ways to wear each one?  

When to Wear the Different Styles of Shapewear

First, it's important to know that you can wear any style of shapewear anytime it suits you. And, like we mentioned above, you can wear all styles of shapewear all-day long. 

That said, here are our suggestions for when you might use each different style to its best advantage, and why you need every style in your wardrobe. 

Shapewear Shorts - They are the most popular style of shapewear, and the reason might be their versatility. They can work their magic under skirts, dresses, shorts, slacks, stretch pants and jeans.  And the versatility carries over into the activities you can enjoy while wearing the shorts, which, again, includes just about anything, from exercise and shopping, to work and play!

Shapewear Leggings - The added length you get from anti-cellulite leggings versus the other styles can help in a number of ways. First, you get the micro-massaging and cellulite-reducing effect delivered by the breathable, Tourmaline®-bead infused fabric all the way from your tummy to your ankles. If you suffer from swollen ankles, the leggings help to circulate excess fluids and reduce symptoms.

Waist Shaper - If you want to look your best in your favourite party dress, the anti-cellulite waist shaper is the way to go. By shaping your waist, it also adds more flattering shape and definition to the rest of your body. It's so discreet, you can even dare to wear a bodycon dress over it, confident that no one will know. 

Want to learn more about shapewear and bodycon dresses? Check out our post “4 Tips to Choose the Best Shapewear for a Bodycon Dress”.

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