You’re Not Going to Believe How Good Lime Water is For You

You’re Not Going to Believe How Good Lime Water is For You - TheBlackPurple

Lime water, concocted simply by squeezing the juice of one or two limes into a glass of water, is like getting a healthy lifestyle in a glass. 

If that claim seems a little over-the-top, maybe it is. But, when you check out the health benefits of lime water, we think you’ll agree with it.  

5 Health Benefits of Lime Water

Let’s get all the numbers out of the way. The juice of a single lime squeezed into a glass of water delivers the following:

  • 11 calories
  • 51 mg of potassium
  • <1 gm if fibre
  • 20% of the recommended daily value (RDV) of vitamin C
  • 1% of the RDA of magnesium

So what does that line up get you? Check it out:

  1. Increases How Much Water You Drink

You know how good plain water is for you. In addition to the hydration, it is also a source of minerals and nutrients, including iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

But, it, um, tastes like water. So, squeeze that lime into it and get even more nutrients with a shot of flavour that keeps you hydrated.

  1. Reduces Your Intake of Weight-Inducing Food and Drinks - From sugary sodas and fruit juices, to processed foods and fast foods, there’s a reason why many of us wage the battle of the bulge. But a glass of lime water before meals, or instead of a soda, can drastically lower your intake of sugar, sodium and unhealthy fats that lead to weight gain.

  2. Makes Your Skin Healthier - Vitamin C is a bit of a superstar. In addition to it's well-known benefits for your immune system, it also helps your body produce collagen, which strengthens your skin and improves its appearance. And that, in turn, helps reduce the appearance of your cellulite.

  3. Helps You Lose Weight - Yes, it helps you avoid foods and drinks that can contribute to weight gain. But citric acid, including Hydroxycitric acid, is also linked to suppressing the appetite and slowing the production of fat-producing enzymes.

  4. Decreases Inflammation - Vitamin C comes to the rescue again. Along with the flavonoids in limes, the combination helps reduce inflammation throughout your body to promote brain health, heart health and battle against strokes and arthritis.

Despite all the ways that lime water can help your overall health, it works in concert with other healthy lifestyle initiatives. It will take a while for you to see results.

But, if you want to see instant results in the form of more flattering shape, and even more benefits for your skin and cellulite reduction, slip on Mass & Slim anti-cellulite shapewear, including anti-cellulite shorts and anti-cellulite leggings.

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