4 Ways That Adding Fish to Your Diet Can Help Minimize Cellulite

4 Ways That Adding Fish to Your Diet Can Help Minimize Cellulite - TheBlackPurple
While it was a staple in the diets of most of our ancestors, fish isn’t as popular as it once was. Unfortunately for many people it simply tastes too ‘fishy’. But as we all try to improve our eating habits, the health and nutrition benefits of fish are helping it to make a comeback on our dinner plates. And there’s even more good news for anyone trying to lose weight and improve the appearance of their cellulite. Many of the health benefits you can enjoy by adding fish to your diet can also help you reach your weight loss and cellulite goals.

1. Increased Weight Loss

The "International Journal of Obesity" published a study in 2007 which showed that by eating three 5.3-ounce servings of lean or fatty fish, every week for four weeks, as part of an otherwise low-calorie diet, produced approximately 2.2 pounds more weight loss versus a similar diet without fish.

2. Smoother Looking Skin

It’s the omega 3 fatty acids, including DPA and EPA, in fish that deliver many of its health benefits. DHA is actually part of the structure of your skin, responsible for maintaining the skin-cell membranes. Healthy membranes give you softer, moister, more wrinkle-free skin.

EPA promotes healthy skin-oil production and more skin hydration to help prevent premature aging of the skin.

3. Less Depression & Anxiety

Many studies have linked the consumption of omega 3s with a reduction in depression. And people suffering anxiety symptoms have reported an improvement in the symptoms after the addition of omega 3 supplements to their diets.

4. Better Sleep

From reducing your circulation to interfering with the production of hormones that control your hunger pangs, lack of sleep is a ‘hidden’ contributor to being overweight. Studies have shown that supplementing your diet with omega-3 fatty acids can increase both the length and quality of your sleep.

Not all fish are created equal. Some have higher levels of omega-3s, some have higher levels of contaminants and some are farmed or caught in questionable ways. You’ll need to do your research before starting, but when you add the right fish to your diet, you’ll be taking one more step towards less cellulite.


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