Why Cellulite Isn’t the Enemy

Why Cellulite Isn’t the Enemy - TheBlackPurple
A common piece of advice to manage stress, anger and/or unhappiness is to start paying more attention to your inner voice and thoughts to see what triggers the unwanted emotions and feelings. But there’s an added bonus to the advice – you find out more about yourself than just what makes you mad or upset.

So how does your cellulite make you feel?

Judging from the millions of dollars spent every year to get rid of it, not very good. Cellulite can make even the most beautiful people feel unattractive. It can make you avoid situations like the beach or gym that might otherwise be fun. Just the name ‘cellulite’ can change your mood. But you can change all that by changing the way you view cellulite. By shifting your perceptions, you can learn to stop making cellulite the villain of your feelings and deal with it in a more positive way. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind the next time the sight or thought of your cellulite gets you down.

1. Cellulite Really Isn’t Anything

It’s the unevenness of the layer of fat immediately below your skin that produces the ‘dimples’ on the surface of your skin. Cellulite is an effect, not a thing.

2. (Almost) Everyone Has Cellulite

90% of women have cellulite to some degree. You just don’t see everyone else like you see yourself in the bathroom mirror every morning.

3. There is No ‘Cure’

No matter what you read, how great the promises sound or how quickly they say you can be ‘dimple-free’, there is no known process or treatment to permanently get rid of cellulite.

So, if it really is just a symptom of something else; and more or less every woman has it; and there is no way to completely get rid of it, then why do you let it get you down so much? Instead, the next time you feel the sight of your cellulite starting to burst your bubble, start thinking about everything you can do to improve the appearance of it, from eating a healthier diet to wearing shapewear that massages your skin. Then you can move forward knowing that you’re doing something to improve the condition, instead of letting it bring you down.


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