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5 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on

Lemon water is one of the best drinks for your body. It provides many health benefits, and it honestly tastes amazing. Having 1-2 cups a day can help change your body and help you reach weight loss goals that you might have. 

So, let's go over 5 benefits you will gain from drinking lemon water. 

Promotes Hydration 

Water is one thing our bodies need to survive. However, sometimes drinking water is forgotten as there are other beverages you may prefer. Coke, for example, sounds way more appealing sometimes than a glass of water. 

Incorporating lemon into your water makes the taste better and can encourage hydration. Lemon water could turn into your new craving instead of pop or juice. This way, you are getting your daily dose of water, with the lemon adding some flavour.

Supports Weight Loss

Lemon water, especially when warmed, can help be a weight loss assistant. Their antioxidants have been proven to help individuals lose weight quicker. This could be due to individuals drinking more water, or feeling more full with the incorporation of lemons.

Aids Digestion 

Having lemon water, cold or warm, in the morning can help flush out your digestive system and get it moving. The taste of lemon has been said to stimulate your Agni. This kickstarts your body and allows it to digest food faster and protect  itself from toxins.

Freshens Your Breath 

Have you ever heard of people rubbing lemons on their fingers to get rid of the smell of garlic or other strong smells? Lemons, due to their acidity, can get rid of odours. This applies to your mouth as well. Having a cup of lemon water in the morning can help stimulate saliva and freshen your mouth.

Source of Vitamin C

Lemons are packed with vitamin C, which helps protect your body cells. Vitamin C can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and lower your blood pressure. It is very important to get your daily dose of Vitamin C. 

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