5 Benefits Of Eating Food Slowly


Eating food slowly can have many benefits. Not only can you become more attentive to what you are eating and how much, but you can in fact enjoy your meals more. You want to be able to enjoy every bit of a meal as opposed to eating it too quickly. 

So, let's go over 5 benefits of eating food slowly. 

Increased Food Satisfaction 

Eating slower can result in you tasting your food more and being able to savor more flavors. Additionally, you can notice more smells and possibly ingredients that are in your food that maybe you didn't recognize before. It can make your meal time become more interesting. 

Weight Loss

If you take more time to eat, you might notice you get full faster and don't eat as much. Therefore, you will be consuming less calories, which can help promote a caloric deficit. Eating slowly can also help you to remember how much you had to eat, so you will know how much food it takes for you to get full. 

Improves Digestion 

When you eat slower, your stomach has more time to digest the food you are eating. If you eat a meal quicker, you may find that you deal with indigestion more often. So, try eating your meals at a slower pace so your stomach has an easier time digesting the food. 

Prevents Being Overstuffed

It takes your stomach approximately 20 minutes to release hormones that let your body know it is full. If you slow down your eating, you will give your body more time to let you know it is stuffed, which can prevent you from feeling overstuffed afterwards. 

Smaller Portions 

Eating slowly can help you to eat less. This can be useful if you are trying to lose or maintain your current weight as you will eat less food. 

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