How You Can Deal With Excess Skin After Weight Loss

How You Can Deal With Excess Skin After Weight Loss - TheBlackPurple

Losing weight and reaching personal weight loss benchmarks are huge successes. However, it can be a bit upsetting if your weight loss journey results in excess skin. Excess skin can impact your self-confidence and make weight loss more difficult. 

But, there are ways of coping with that excess skin to ensure your self-confidence stays intact. 


Today’s shapewear is comfortable and functional. You can wear shapewear under any garment to help boost your confidence. It is one way to hold excess skin in place and ensure you are comfortable in all attire. You can choose whether you want compression wear or regular shapewear to get a slimmer,  more toned look.  

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Diet & Exercise

During your weight loss process, it is important to remember that weight loss success comes from consistent activity and eating healthily. Keeping your body in shape and healthy can help prevent possible loose skin. 

Try resistance training as it works wonders on the muscles under the skin. It will preserve your lean muscle and help you burn fat. 

Take Care Of Your Skin 

After you reach your goal, and on your way to it, make sure you look after your skin. Creams with antioxidants and vitamins can help elasticize your skin and prevent any stretch marks. Exfoliants can remove dead skin cells, which will also make your skin appear more smooth and tight. 

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