5 Cellulite Myths Busted

Cellulite myths busted | The Black Purple

As if women don’t have enough out there working against them, the fact that men don’t have cellulite seems like just one more cruel blow.

But that’s a cellulite myth. Men can have cellulite. It’s just more prevalent in women.

The myth that men can’t have cellulite is one of many that surround cellulite. And while the ‘not in men’ myth is relatively harmless, others can affect our lifestyle and self-esteem. So let’s bust them right now.

1. You’re Out of Shape if You Have Cellulite

By itself, lack of exercise doesn't make your cellulite worse. But the loss of muscle tone can result in more fat deposits closer to the skin, which may make cellulite more visible.

2. You Need to Do Lots of Cardio to Improve the Appearance of Cellulite

First, any safe physical activity and exercise program helps your overall health and wellbeing and may reduce the appearance of your cellulite. But this myth might make you focus too much on a physical activity that isn’t necessarily the best for reducing cellulite’s appearance.
Cardio is great, but strength and resistance training is at least as good, if not better for improving your cellulite. In addition to improving muscle tone, which may improve the appearance of your skin, strength training also strengthens your skin’s connective tissue to make it look smoother.

3. Only Overweight People Have Cellulite

Simply not true. You only have to search for one of the many fitness bloggers and Instagrammers who are bravely baring their cellulite in an attempt to help themselves and others live with it and understand that anyone can have it.

4. Cellulite is Unhealthy

This might be the most prevalent cellulite myth. The idea that cellulite is a ‘disorder’ or some other health issue is a dangerous myth that can make you feel like you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle. Generally speaking, the healthcare community considers cellulite to be a normal condition.

5. You Can Get Rid of Cellulite With Creams

Ah, if only life was so easy. You have a condition that makes you shy away from mirrors and change your outfit before you go out, but all you have to do is rub on a cream and the problem will disappear. Nope, won’t work. The best thing that a cream might do is temporarily tighten your skin, and get you to massage your kin as you rub them in.
Anti-cellulite Mass & Slim shapewear is infused with hundreds of tiny ceramic beads that massage your skin for as long as you wear it. That extended massaging action can result in a reduction of cellulite in the targeted areas of your body.


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