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The Shadow Tells the Truth About Woman’s “Disappearing” Cellulite

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on

We hate to always be debunking sensational cellulite headlines, but when we saw one about cellulite ‘virtually’ disappearing after a woman drank more water and less wine for 9 months, we couldn’t help ourselves.

Before we get into the headline busting, this one does have some good news for you. Anytime you can drink water instead of wine, you’ll be doing your skin, and your cellulite a huge favour. Like all alcoholic beverages, wine is a diuretic. In simpler terms that means it makes you pee.

Enough wine, and its diuretic effect, and you’ll lose so much moisture from your system through your urine, it can start drying out your skin. When that happens it can make your cellulite look worse.

But back to our headline busting, our target this time is:

The shadow tells the truth about disappearing cellulite | The Black Purple

A tush transformation! Curvy blogger shows how her cellulite virtually DISAPPEARED in before and after pictures - and credits the change to drinking 'more water, less wine'

Drinking more water and less wine is good for you and the appearance of your cellulite, but it isn’t this good.

The Shadow Knows the Truth About Her Cellulite

And the truth is the person in the picture could probably have shown a similar ‘reduction’ in her cellulite in just a few hours, much less 9 months.

Look at the shadow of the person in both images and you’ll see why.

The woman’s shadow in the ‘before’ picture is relatively small and not elongated. That tells us the sun was more directly overhead for that shot. When the direction of the sunshine (almost vertical) strikes an object that is in the same direction (the woman’s vertical body), it will strike one side of every little imperfection, but not the other. When it does, the sunlight side is bright, and the other side is a shadow.  It’s an effect that can exaggerate both bumps and dimples and make cellulite look much worse.

In the ‘after’ image, the woman’s shadow is elongated (check where it comes off her right foot), which means that the sun was not directly overhead. So the direction of the sunlight is more perpendicular to the woman's body. From this direction, the sunlight strikes both sides of a bump or dimple evenly. No shadows are produced and the cellulite looks much better.

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