5 Health Benefits of Good Posture

5 Health Benefits of Good Posture - TheBlackPurple

From sitting at computer terminals all day long at work to Netflix binging all night long at home, it's like there’s a war going on against good posture. But doing what you can to improve your posture, even while sitting at your desk or lying on the couch, delivers lots of benefits beyond just looking better. Although that’s not a bad one!

How Good Posture Improves Your Health

Good posture really comes down to keeping your body properly aligned. Starting with your spine, when you keep everything balanced and aligned, you can improve your health in so many ways.

  1. Less Joint Pain - If you notice more aches and pains when you sit or stand for extended periods, it isn’t necessarily a sign of age. If you hunch over at your desk, or stand with more weight on one leg, you’re putting added stress on your neck, hips and knees. A sign of that is the pain you feel when you get up or change positions.

  2. Fewer Tension Headaches - The added stress on your neck and shoulders can cause or exacerbate tension headaches. Sitting or standing with your head and spine properly aligned reduces the tension and the headaches.

  3. More Energy - The added stress on your joints and muscles due to poor posture also saps your energy. When they are properly aligned, they have less work to do, and you have more energy to do things to improve your posture.

  4. Better Lung Function - When you are slouched, your body is curved forward, which compresses your lungs and reduces their capacity. Sitting and standing straighter gives your lungs the space they need to handle more air, which increases the amount of oxygen that gets delivered throughout your body.

  5. Better Circulation & Digestion - Your lungs aren't the only thing that gets bunched up when you slouch. All of your abdominal organs and your digestive system get crowded too. That reduces blood circulation and makes it more difficult for your digestive system to do its job. 

It's not always easy for you to practice good posture in the midst of a busy day. Posture-correcting shapewear shorts use a patented design to help restore balance to your body and improve your posture. And they’re comfortable enough to wear all day and night.

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