The Benefits of Improved Circulation from Compression Garments

Woman stretching and wearing compression leggings to help blood flow and circulation

You hear it touted as a benefit of everything from acupuncture and massage therapy to strength training and jogging. Improved circulation, including blood and lymph flow, can deliver lots of benefits too. 

But what if you don’t want someone to stick tiny needles in you; or you don’t have the time for regular massages, or the idea of working out is out of the question, and don’t even mention jogging?

Fortunately, there is one easy, comfortable way to improve your blood and lymph flow. Compression garments, including Secret Slim Compression Shorts, use a bi-ceramic fiber and unique 3D honeycomb fabric structure to exert a gentle massaging effect on targeted areas of your body as you wear them. 

Comfortable enough to be worn for eight hours or more, compression shorts are like getting an all-day massage.

Benefits of Improved Blood Flow

It's no secret that your heart pumps blood through your lungs to carry oxygen all over your body. But how does the increased blood flow from compression shorts help you?

  1. Can Reduce Cellulite - Oxygen itself is important for your skin. The more it has, the stronger it gets, which makes your cellulite less noticeable.
  2. More Skin Elasticity - In addition to the variety of nutrients brought to the skin by your blood, it also stimulates the production of the hormone collagen, which gives your skin more wrinkle-reducing elasticity

Benefits of Improved Lymph Flow 

Not as well-known as blood circulation, lymph flow works in much the same way. But instead of bringing healthy nutrients to your skin, lymph fluid removes toxins, lactic acid and other waste materials, while also fighting infections.

Better lymph flow paves the way for the nutrients brought to the skin in your blood to do their work in making your skin look better, instead of having to deal with all the nasty stuff that’s removed by your lymph system.

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