A COVID-19 Update on Our Operations

A COVID-19 Update on Our Operations - TheBlackPurple

First, we hope all our customers, suppliers and other partners are getting through this crisis as safely and healthily as possible. With all the isolation and uncertainty, we thought we’d take this opportunity to reach out, let you know how we’re doing, and hopefully hear back from you in the comments.

We’re Open for Business

Considering the challenges faced by many businesses, we are very lucky. As an online, ecommerce business, our operations have not been affected as much as many other companies. 

In remaining open during the crisis, our first priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees and their families.  We have kept a close watch on the guidelines and regulations put in place by local, national and international governments and healthcare authorities, and we put all the best practices in place.

We’re Ready to Help You Keep Looking Great!

While we all have far more important priorities right now than how we look, we think it’s important to maintain as much normalcy in our lives as possible to help us get through this thing, as long as we can do so safely. 

If putting on one of our anti-cellulite shapewear garments helps you look and feel better, then we feel that’s really helpful. You might not have washed your hair for a couple days, but you can still look fabulous!

We are well-stocked and continue to ship all our products, including Mass & Slim Anti-Cellulite Shapewear, Premium Compression Shapewear, and Sankom Posture-Correcting Shapewear

Free Shipping Too! (But it May Take a Little Longer to Get There)

As always, you get free standard shipping to the U.S. and Canada on every purchase. But, while we ship your orders as fast as we can, the USPS is experiencing slight delays and you may receive your package a few days late.  If you have any delays in receiving your orders, please let us know by email at info@theblackpurple.com.  You can also visit the official USPS website for Coronavirus updates on their service delivery.

Until next time, please stay safe & healthy. Again, if you’d like to, please let us know how you’re doing in the comments.


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