3 More Benefits of Compression Leggings for Reducing Lymphedema

3 More Benefits of Compression Leggings for Reducing Lymphedema - TheBlackPurple

While it sounds complicated, the word ‘lymphedema’ clearly describes the condition that it names. “Edema” is the medical term for swelling. “Lymph” refers to the lymphatic system, through which lymph fluid helps drain away impurities from your body.

So lymphedema is swelling in parts of your body, usually in your arms or legs, that is due to a problem with your lymphatic system and its ability to drain away fluids.  Lymphedema can be caused by a genetic condition but is most often an unexpected, uncomfortable and long-term symptom of cancer surgery, radiation therapy, infections, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, or bodily injuries and trauma. 

For those who suffer from it, reducing their lymphedema and the associated pain and discomfort, can be a constant pursuit.

More Ways That Compression Leggings help Reduce Lymphedema

We’ve already told you about some of the direct benefits of compression leggings for treating lymphedema.  Compression wear like Active Slim Compression Leggings can help reduce swelling, support the affected limb and offer longer treatment times, versus medical-grade compression garments. But there are extended benefits that sufferers should consider too.

  1. Less Discomfort - If there is one issue that may be tougher to deal with than others, it is the constant discomfort from the swelling, which can affect everything you do, from your mobility to getting a good night's sleep. With the reduction in swelling they offer and the support they provide, the leggings reduce the discomfort of lymphedema.
  2. Faster Recovery - While lymphedema can be a permanent condition, there are treatments to reduce the swelling and help sufferers lead a relatively normal life. Compression leggings can speed-up the process.
  3. More Activity - Exercise is one of the main forms of treatment for lymphedema. But it can be difficult and painful due to the swelling. By supporting the added weight in your legs, not only will the leggings reduce the swelling, but they will help you be more active to lower it even more.

To learn more about how to reduce lymphedema swelling, check out our article “How To Treat Lymphedema At Home”.


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