A Few Fashion Tips from the Cellulite Stars of Instagram

A Few Fashion Tips from the Cellulite Stars of Instagram - TheBlackPurple

We first tipped you off last year to the trend on Instagram of women proudly showing off their cellulite instead of covering it up or photo shopping it away. In an effort to help change her own attitude towards cellulite, and that of others, Kenzie Brenna began posting images of herself, with her cellulite front and centre, using the hashtag #CelluliteSaturday.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find lots of body-positive Instagram accounts from women who are unafraid to post photos that flaunt their cellulite. Many of them have gained significant numbers of followers and community recognition for their efforts.

Recently, Self.com published a list of body-positive Instagrammers who are celebrating 2017’s ‘Summer of Cellulite’.

If nothing else, these Instagrammers provide some welcome relief – perhaps for the first time in public media – from the constant bombardment of media images showing impossibly slim and cellulite-free models and celebrities.
And you just might get a few ideas of what to wear this summer.

1. High-Waist Shorts

Yes, you can wear shorts. They are on-trend at the moment so take advantage of the opportunity to stay cool this summer in a properly fitted pair of high-waist shorts.

2. Try Lighter Summer Colours

Black might be your favourite clothing colour for its slimming effect, but lighter shades can be a welcome change in summer. And you’ll enjoy the playful mood they create.

3. Nothing Wrong with Horizontal Stripes

Yes, they can create the illusion of width, but you can use them in combination with solid colours to add attractive balance to your body.

We’re not saying that everything you see on a body-positive Instagram account works for you. But if you’re looking for something that absolutely will work, take a look at the figure-flattering shapewear products from The Black Purple. Comfortable enough to wear all day, they are clinically-proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


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