Yoga! Yoga! Yoga! 3 Ways it ‘Liberates’ You from Cellulite

Yoga! Yoga! Yoga! 3 Ways it ‘Liberates’ You from Cellulite - TheBlackPurple

It’s taken 2,500 years, but finally science is catching up to what yoga practitioners have known for over two millennia: it works. New clinical studies and research emerges almost daily that offer scientific proof that yoga works for a variety of health issues.

Like we said, if you practice yoga, you’ll know the health benefits it delivers. But if you don’t practice yoga, yet always wondered if it was for you, you might still be looking for more reasons to try it beyond all the ways yoga keeps you fit.

Yoga for Cellulite Reduction

Yoga’s benefits span the physical body, the mind and the spiritual self. While there are a broad range of yoga practices and schools, generally speaking, the ultimate goal of yoga is ‘moksha’ or various forms of liberation, including freedom from ignorance.

Yoga can help ‘liberate’ you from cellulite too. Not in the sense of getting rid of cellulite, but by giving you the means to better manage it physically and mentally. Here’s how:

1. Physical Benefits of Yoga for Cellulite Reduction

Simply the physical aspect of getting off the couch to do even a few yoga poses can help you reduce the appearance of cellulite just by burning a few more calories. But yoga also helps to build and tone muscles; the same muscles that are immediately under the layer of body fat that causes the appearance of cellulite. The result is improved skin tone and less dimpling effect on the surface of the skin. Here are 10 Yoga Poses that Help Fight Cellulite.

2. Mental & Spiritual Benefits of Yoga for Cellulite Reduction

Again, if yoga simply manages to get you off the couch, you’ll probably feel pretty good about yourself. From reducing stress and depression, to giving you more peace of mind and self-esteem, the documented mental and emotional benefits help to set the stage for you to have a greater appreciation of yourself, including your body, cellulite and all.

3. Tackling Cellulite Directly with Yoga

This one is the secret to getting a more direct benefit for reducing cellulite by practicing yoga. By regularly practicing your yoga poses in cellulite-fighting shapewear, you’re actually giving your cellulite a solid one-two punch of proven ways to reduce it. Imagine getting all the yoga-based benefits listed above while you wear shapewear that is actually designed and clinically-proven to reduce cellulite.

Body-shaping shapewear is comfortable enough to wear all day, even for your yoga sessions. When you do, you combine the benefits of yoga for cellulite reduction with the massaging action of the shapewear for a great, overall cellulite-reducing workout.


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