3 Essential Oils for Cellulite Reduction

Learn more about how essential oils can help reduce cellulite in today's blog post by The Black Purple

While you can’t get rid of cellulite, there are a number of ways to reduce its appearance. Many of them, like a balanced diet and exercise, not only helps affected areas look better, but they are good for your overall health too.

If you use essential oils, you know their many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, improved sleep and soothing skin irritation. But few people use essential oils for cellulite reduction.

How Essential Oils Help with Cellulite Reduction

First, many benefits of essential oils, that might not be directly related to cellulite, can still help. For example, if you use oils to help you sleep, you’ll be better able to manage your weight and that can shrink cellulite dimples.

Second, there are a number of direct benefits for cellulite from certain oils. These include reduced fluid retention and improved lymphatic and blood circulation, especially when oils are used in conjunction with dry brushing.  

Try These Essential Oils to Help Reduce Cellulite

Patience is key to seeing results using the oils below. Use the oils regularly and consistently to get their benefits.

  1. Rosemary Essential Oil - Rosemary oil’s primary benefit is improving blood circulation which brings healthy oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Mic the oil with a carrier oil and massage it into affected areas.
  2. Cyprus Oil - Cyprus oil is a triple threat against cellulite, including getting rid of toxins, reducing water retention and improving circulation. Combine it with a carrier oil for massages or add a few drops to your bath water.
  3. Grapefruit Oil - Grapefruit Oil Helps with weight reduction and detoxifies the body to help fight cellulite. Again, you can dilute it with a carrier oil and massage it into your skin.

Of course, if you’re looking for something that will begin working on your cellulite right away, anti-cellulite leggings can be comfortably worn all day and are proven to deliver results.

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