3 Things To Do For Your 40th Birthday

The Black Purple lists things to do for your 40th birthday

This is it, the big 4-0. While few of us greet yet another birthday with great joy, 40 is undeniably a milestone birthday. And that means looking for some unique things to do for your 40th birthday celebration!

Creative 40th Birthday Ideas

Whether you want to celebrate your 40th birthday at a big birthday party with lots of people, or just a quiet bottle of wine with some close friends and family, try some of the following birthday ideas to make it extra special.

  1. Give Yourself a Special “Turning 40” Birthday Gift - Hey, you’ve made it this far and it’s time to mark the occasion with something unforgettable. Something you wouldn’t indulge in for just any reason. Think about a trip to an exotic location, or maybe use it as an opportunity to scratch something off your bucket list.

  2. Finally Start Taking Care of Yourself - You’ve been climbing the corporate ladder, or raising a family, or both. Big birthday number 40 means you start taking care of yourself. You can kick it off with a luxury spa treatment that you never dared afford before. Then get in the habit of regularly doing something that boosts your spirits and makes you feel better about yourself. If you’ve always wanted to improve the appearance of your cellulite, start eating a healthier diet, get a little more activity in your life in a pair of Active Slim Compression Leggings, and try anti-cellulite shapewear, like a Slimming Waist Shaper, that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  3. Do Something for Someone Else - Yes, this is a little counter to the “do something special for yourself” ideas, but it can be just as rewarding, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. If you’re lucky to still have your parents, would they like to travel with you? Do you have a favourite charity that’s looking for volunteer help? Or is there a local advocacy group you want to support?
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