Exercises That Can Reduce Cellulite

Resistance band fitness girl doing leg workout donkey kick floor exercises with rubber strap elastic. Glute muscle activation with kickback for cellulite.

If there’s any good news about your efforts to reduce cellulite, it is that the best ways to do it will also help you live an overall healthier lifestyle. 

Getting the right amount of sleep each night; eating a healthy diet (healthy snacks too!), and adding more physical activity to your life can all contribute to making your cellulite less noticeable - and improve your overall health.

For a quick explanation of how it all works, let’s start with one of the most basic cellulite treatments: weight loss.  Cellulite happens when body fat beneath the skin puts pressure against the underside of your skin. That pushes your skin out, except in the spots where fibrous bands of connective tissue connect the skin to your body. The result is the cottage cheese effect of cellulite on the surface of your skin. 

Of course, losing weight helps reduce the fat under your skin, and the cellulite it causes.

Sleep has been linked to a number of health benefits that can help you lose weight, including higher levels of energy, which can fuel your weight loss efforts too. Of course, a healthy, balanced diet will reduce overeating and the consumption of nutrient-deficient foods, both of which contribute to weight gain.

Exercises that Can Reduce Weight Loss

If exercising is part of your plan to increase your overall activity levels, you will burn more calories and that can lead to more weight loss. There are certain exercises, or at least exercising certain areas of your body, that will help to target your cellulite reduction. All that you have to do is think of the areas of your body where you see the most cellulite.

  1. Core Exercises - Any exercise that strengthens your core can help reduce the appearance of cellulite on your stomach. Including planks and leg raises, these exercises will help strengthen your core muscles, which can reduce the fat cells above them.

  2. Glute & Thigh Exercises - Using exercises like squats, lunges and burpees can produce the same effect for your buttocks and thighs by firming up your glutes and thigh muscles.

  3. Walking, Running, Cycling, Swimming - These are all good for your legs, glutes and core, and your overall physical fitness.

Start Reducing Your Cellulite Today

While sleep, diet and exercise are all great ways to help improve the appearance of cellulite, they will take time and commitment. In the meantime, if you want to, do everything you can to start seeing results sooner, slip into anti-cellulite shorts for the summer. 

Made of an innovative fabric infused with ceramic beads, anti-cellulite shapewear has a micro-massaging effect on the skin it covers. The result is stronger, healthier skin, and a clinically proven reduction in the appearance of cellulite.  


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