Ashley Graham is Still Stoking the Body Positivity Revolution

NEW YORK-SEPT 08: Model Ashley Graham attends Daily Front Row's Fashion Media Awards at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown on September 8, 2017 in New York City.

We first told you about Ashley Graham and her efforts to support the body positivity movement, primarily through her Instagram account, in 2017. Since then, she has authored a book, become a Mom and appeared in a variety of TV shows and music videos.

But one thing remains the same as it was four years ago. Ashley, now in her 30s, is still out there promoting body positivity and its message of acceptance and appreciation for who you are, regardless of size, shape or anything else. 

Ashley Graham’s Latest Body Positivity Challenge

While Instagram is still popular, it's not all the rage it was four years ago. Ashley posted her latest challenges to her nearly one million followers on Tik Tok early in May.

Calling it her “self-love challenge”, Ashley first mentioned it in a Tik Tok post on May 2nd. In the vid, dressed only in leopard-print briefs and a blouse, Ashley goes through the parts of her body she appreciates most.

  • The strongest part of her body are her legs
  • The sexiest part is her eyes
  • Her favourite part is her jawline
  • Her most important part is her smile

For the part of her body that she “would never change”, in a head-to-toe shot, Ashley dramatically opens her blouse, revealing a black bra, with the caption “my everything”.

There is something very empowering for us all to see a plus-sized woman so confident and unafraid to reveal herself in such a sexy, honest and effective way. 

Perhaps the best part is the response to the video. At the time of writing the video had almost 300,000 likes, and almost 2,000 people have accepted the challenge by using Ashley’s soundtrack on their own self-love challenge videos.   

Having the confidence to accept who you are can also give you the confidence to do things for yourself, instead of just to please others. Yes, you don’t have to hide your cellulite if you don’t want to. But that doesn't mean you can do something to improve its appearance if that will give you even more confidence. 

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