Healthy Eating Reduces Cellulite & It Starts with Breakfast

Healthy breakfasts reduce cellulite | The Black Purple

Ahhh breakfast! Beautiful bright sunshine through the window. Time to slice some bananas and strawberries for your corn flakes. Linger over a cup up steaming java. Read the news. Check your Facebook updates.

Ha ha. Yeah right!

The reality of breakfast is a little different for most people. It might go something like this: grab a piece of toast, late for work, no time for butter, maybe get a coffee later. Breakfast done.

But, unfortunately, the reality of a hurried or non-existent breakfast can make your cellulite appear worse.

How a Bad Breakfast can be Bad for Your Cellulite

Breakfast gets its name for a good reason. As your first big meal since dinner last night, probably over 12 hours ago, you are literally ‘breaking’ a mini ‘fast’. That makes breakfast perhaps your most crucial meal of the day. It has a significant effect on the eating you do for the rest of the day.

If you have a poor breakfast , or skip it altogether, your body is really starved. And your body hates to be starved. It thinks that there’s something wrong. It’s not getting the energy it needs. It feels threatened. Its natural instincts, developed throughout evolution, tells it to go into emergency mode if anything interrupts its energy supply. Your body sees that interruption as a threat to its very existence.

So it kicks into survival mode. It conserves the energy it has by slowing down your metabolism. It jump-starts powerful hunger pangs to make you eat.  That makes it more likely to overeat later in the day. And more likely to eat poorly because you just want to grab something quick, like a sugar-packed muffin, because you’re so hungry.

Overeating puts your body into another bit of a tailspin. You load up on energy your body can’t use. You get the afternoon crash, and all the unused food energy gets stored as fat. And that can make you cellulite look worse.

How a Good Breakfast can be Good for Your Cellulite

A healthy breakfast not only avoids the hunger pangs. It fuels your body to start your day, which leaves your body ticking along nicely. It also means you’re less likely to overeat later on. And more likely to avoid unhealthy snacks to quell the pangs. It all tends to make your afternoon crash less like a crash. You don’t end up with as much or any extra energy your body can’t use, so it doesn’t store any extra fat. And your cellulite doesn’t look any worse.

So eat a healthy breakfast please.

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