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How to Get Over the Plateau When Trying to Reduce Your Cellulite - Part 4

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on

This series looks at the weight loss plateau that most people experience. When trying to healthily lose weight as a way to reduce your cellulite, you may reach a plateau in your progress when, even if you continue to use the same methods that were successful so far, the pounds stop coming off. And you might even see some of the weight returning.

It’s a very discouraging moment in a weight loss journey and it often forces people to stop trying. 

In Part 3 of the series, we started to look at ways to push through the plateau. Today we look at four more…

Ways to Push Through the Plateau 

1. Be Conscious of Why You’re Eating

From ‘automatic’ eating just because its snack time, to unconscious eating, like what you might do after a bad day at work or when you’re watching a tear-jerker movie, eating when you’re not really hungry probably hurts your weight loss more than you think. Every time you reach for something to eat, try to think about if you’re actually hungry and really need to eat.

2. Eat Enough

While portion control is important, overdoing it can also make further weight reduction almost impossible. Your body needs enough fuel and nutrition to help it continue to adjust to its new homeostasis. Cutting too many calories when you hit the plateau can make your body fight against your efforts.

    3. Change Your Activity Routines

    Your body adjusts to your new activity levels just like it adjusts to your new diet. If you added a daily walk to your schedule, your body might initially burn off some calories to fuel the new activity. But after a while, that new activity level becomes normal and your body might not need to burn any extra calories to fuel it. But by changing things somewhat, perhaps by trying some stair climbing, you give your body a new challenge to meet.

    4. Take a Break

    Just like continuing to cut calories will not likely get you over the plateau, working out harder can also backfire. Exercise too much and you might trigger your body into demanding more calories for all the extra work. Calories that can actually put on more weight. 

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