How to Get Over the Plateau When Trying to Reduce Your Cellulite – Part 3

How to Get Over the Plateau When Trying to Reduce Your Cellulite – Part 3 - TheBlackPurple

This series looks at the weight loss plateau that most people experience. When trying to healthily lose weight as a way to reduce your cellulite, you may reach a plateau in your progress when, even while you continue to use the same methods that got you this far, the pounds stop coming off and you might even put back on some of the lost weight.

It’s a very discouraging point in a weight loss journey and it often forces people to stop trying.

In Part 2 of the series, why discovered why you hit the plateau. In this post, we’ll start to look at ways that you can get through the plateau and stay on the path to lower weight and reduced cellulite.

How to Push Through the Plateau

The problem with most weight reduction plans, even the best ones, is that they don’t adjust for getting over the plateau. Just like a physical journey, where the first part is as easy as hopping on a plane and getting really far, really fast, that plane can’t drop you off at your final destination. It will get you most of the way, but when it drops you at the airport, your journey stops, until you realize you have to change your mode of transportation to a bus. 

Similarly, when you hit your weight loss plateau, which is like landing at the airport and suddenly stopping your journey after getting really far, you need to make adjustments to how you get to your goal to get back on track. 

An article that appeared recently on used interviews with dozens of people who hit the weight loss plateau and broke through it to outline some of the best ways to do so. 

Portion Control

How portion control can help fight weight loss plateau

Adjusting your eating habits to get rid of the sugar-, salt- and fat-laden foods in your diet is a great first step. But just because you’re eating healthier foods doesn’t mean that you can’t still be eating too much food. It’s a mistake to think that because what you’re eating is healthy you can eat more. It’s important to track how much you’re eating, including snacks, to make sure you’re not eating too much.

In Part 4 of this series, we’ll look at four more ways to help you get through the weight-loss plateau.

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