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How to Survive Party Season

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on

We might call it them fall and winter, but the next couple of months are really party season. Starting with Halloween’s costumes and candy, followed closely by holiday celebrations with family, friends and coworkers, and finishing off with New Year’s festivities, your social calendar will probably be fuller over the next two months than at any other time of year.

If you’ve been managing your weight and keeping your cellulite in check, party season can be a real challenge to your efforts. But with the right preparation and approach, you can minimize the threat, enjoy the moments and come out of it all looking as good as ever. Here are a few tips for making it happen.

1. Get Mentally Prepared

Just by keeping in mind that you’ll be facing lots of challenges, setting yourself up to beat them and keeping your focus on the goal, you’ll have done a lot to avoid the threats to your health weight and cellulite that come with party season.

2. Get Your Rest

The late nights can wear you down, and wear down your will power too. Especially the night before an event, try to get at least seven hours of sleep.

3. Eat Before You Head Out

Arriving at the party on an empty stomach is asking for trouble. Before you go out, have a healthy meal, or at least a solid snack of fruits and vegetables, to keep your appetite in check.

4. Scope Out the Good Stuff

Sure, you’re there to enjoy it all. But if you make it a point to choose the healthy food and drink options first, you’ll eat less of the other stuff.

5. Alternate Alcohol and Water

Alcoholic drinks deliver a double whammy. First, they’re full of cellulite-inducing calories. Second, they lower your inhibitions about what you eat and drink. Have eight ounces of water between drinks to reduce alcohol’s effect.

One More:

always look your best. When you head out looking sharp, like in cellulite-reducing shapewear, it helps to keep your mind on the goal – feeling better about yourself and looking great too.


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