A Glimmer of Hope for More Realistic Media Images

A Glimmer of Hope for More Realistic Media Images - TheBlackPurple

How do you feel when you see a photograph online or in a magazine of someone with a ‘perfect’ body? One without a blemish, wrinkle or any sign of cellulite.

How are you supposed to feel? After all, you have blemishes and wrinkles and cellulite. 

And that’s if you see just one photo of someone with a perfect body.

What happens when, every time you go online or open a magazine, you are bombarded by dozens or hundreds of images of perfect bodies? You might not even want to get out of bed – and that’s the reality for many who have pre-existing depression or other issues and then have to face the impossible. Perfection.

If you’ve never heard of Getty Images, you probably see one, or 20, of their pictures every day. The company is the largest stock photography company in the world. They contract photographs around the world to take photos of anything that we might find interesting, from news stories to, yes, those images of perfect models that can ruin your day.

The effect of retouched images and issues with cellulite

For media companies, Getty Images (GI) means that they don’t have to maintain their own stable of photographers. Instead, they can simply buy whatever image(s) they need from GI.

So if GI decides to change the way they take images, or what they do with those images afterward, it can have a huge impact on a lot of the media imagery we see.

“Getty Bans All ‘Photoshopped’ Images That Alter Models’ Body Shapes” 

In what must feel like a victory for anyone who’s ever felt down after seeing unrealistic media images, GI has agreed to abide by a French law that obligates magazines to indicate when a models’ photo has been retouched or photoshopped. If they don’t, they can face fines of tens of thousands of dollars. 

This isn’t the answer to living with your cellulite. But it’s at least it’s a start at reducing the simply impossible images that make it even more difficult to deal with cellulite. 

In the meantime, you can start feeling better about the way you look right now. You can instantly improve your figure, and start reducing the appearance of cellulite, as soon as you put on any of our the full-line of slimming, comfortable anti-cellulite shapewear.


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