How To Care And Wash Your Shapewear So It Lasts

How To Care And Wash Your Shapewear So It Lasts - TheBlackPurple

Those who wear shapewear, including compression wear, love it because it's comfortable, stylish, compliments their shape, and actually works to improve the appearance of cellulite while it's being worn.

But if there’s anything they don’t like about it is when it comes out of the wash a little less in “shape” than when it went in. There can be two reasons for your shapewear getting out of shape in the wash. First, you chose a bargain brand and you got what you paid for. Second, you didn’t wash it properly.

4 Tips to Wash Shapewear 

One way to keep shapewear lasting longer is to hand wash it in cold water and hang to air dry. But, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t pop your high quality shapewear into the washing machine like the rest of your laundry. You just need to use the following special care tips.

  1. Use the Gentle Cycle - While they’re tough enough to wear all day, you need to wash and dry shapewear like you do other delicate garments. Don’t add fabric softener, chlorine bleach or harsh detergents to the wash.

  2. In Cold or Warm Water - Hot water can damage the specialized fabrics in shapewear.

  3. Place Them in a Mesh Bag - Also known as a wash bag or lingerie bag, they help protect the garments from getting bashed around too much while washing, and also from buttons, zippers and hooks on other clothing.

  4. Air Dry - Like you would if you washed by hand, don’t put your shapewear in the dryer. Similar to the heat in hot water, hot air can damage the elastic fabrics.

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