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How Compressionwear Improves Your Running

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on

You’ve come a long way since you went for your first jog around the block. There’s a marked improvement in your fitness and the distances you run. Even more, you probably know a lot more about footwear, breathing techniques and running form than you ever thought possible.

But, whether or not you wear compression shorts for running, you may not be entirely aware of the benefits of compression garments to improve performance.

4 Ways Compressionwear Helps to Improve Your Running

Compared to standard running shorts, a pair of compression shorts can improve your athletic performance while running and in most other sporting activities too.

Reduces Lactic Acid Build Up
Small amounts of lactic acid are a good source of energy as your exercise. But too much can cause a burning sensation in your muscles and reduce the length of time that you can run. Compression garments are designed to exert controlled pressure in a way that improves the removal of lactic acid from your muscles.

Better Blood Circulation
While it removes lactic acid, compression clothing also promotes increased circulation of oxygenated blood.

Less Muscle Fatigue
This happens in a number of ways. First, compression gear supports your muscles in place, reducing the vibration and displacement from the impact of each stride. Increased blood circulation and decreased lactic acid also means your muscles get more oxygen to reduce muscle fatigue and soft tissue stress. Finally, with lactic acid and other waste flushed away, you have less chance of suffering muscle cramps.  

Improves Recovery Time
When You wear compression garments to run, your muscles will recover faster. Better blood circulation also reduces muscle swelling and repair time.

Similarly to how compression wear helps runners, Mass & Slim Shapewear Shorts and Mass & Slim Shapewear Leggings help anyone who wears them get through their day with more energy and  less fatigue.

Find out more about compression garments in our article “3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Compression Shapewear Every Day”. 

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